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There is no error proof path for discovery of thruth


The path of discovery of truth opened for me for ever. But this path was not smooth. It is not a path which is not liable to error and which makes error impossible. This will be against the very nature of things. Absolutely and eternally error-proof path is not possible for any being. Eyes have evolved in your organism and your eye-sight is beautiful, healthy and strong. Even then through your eyes you can and do sometimes misperceive some object and can and do fall into error. There has been evolution of ears in your organism and your ears are well built, healthy and strong, even then you sometimes misinterpret some sound. Your hands may be in right form and in good condition, even then, some times something falls down from their grip. However well formed and strong your feet may be, you sometimes stumble in walking over the ground or place However acute and wise your understanding may be, and trained in the skill of mathematics, even then you sometimes make mistake in your calculations in your answer. however good be your literary excellence and however great be your command over the language, even then you sometimes make error in your speech or writing. This is true for all your powers. But can you draw the conclusion from this fact that your sense organs like eyes and ears, organs like hands and feet, your understanding and literary power are of no avail? Is their presence or absence in your organism matter of equal indifference? Is there no difference between a blind man and a man of eyesight? Is there no difference between a handless and feetless man and one possessed of hands and feet? Is there no difference between one lacking in understanding and one full of understanding? There is certainly a difference. Even though eyes and ears may sometimes misperceive, hands and feet may sometimes miscarry themselves, intellect and memory may fall in error, but can anything else do the special and very useful function they discharge in your organisation? None, None, None at all. Again, these errors in functioning do not always occur, they only occur sometimes.

A blind beggar used to say “Eyesight is a great blessing!" This is true, absolutely true. without eyes the whole world becomes dark to us. The whole world of variegated beauty is lost to us. In the same way it is true for constituents of love of truth and goodness an organism. When a soul is devoid of any of those higher evolving loves to that extend it remains ignorant of those truths and bereft of true light of truth and evil destroying powers (which could be achieved only through them) which make for life pure and noble. When these loves of truth goodness fall into error they get exposed by themselves in favourable circumstances. My whole life is an example and evidence for this view.
 There is no error proof path for discovery of truth - SGR